“There’s a lot of support for creative people who think outside the box.”
Marc Almon Film Producer
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“There's an everyday courage we all have to find.”
Dr. Roberta Barker Associate Professor, Dalhousie University
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“I can think beyond the letter of the law and consider factors that are more subjective.”
Karim Mahmud Lawyer, Jones Day
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“It was like alchemy. It was awesome!”
Michelle Rosetta Hamer Owner and Queen Bee at Bee23 Natural Beauty
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“FYP was actually an incredibly good basis for coming into architecture.”
Andrew Choptiany Architect
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“To build a site that now gets one million visitors a month—I can step back and think, ‘I created that.’”
Pete Pachal Tech Editor, Mashable.com
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“The Pit … smelled quite gross, like stale beer, and yet I had this overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to be there.”
Margaret Evans Actor and Theatre Producer
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“I was taught to never forget and … if there was any kind of injustice happening … to do something about it.”
Hannah Rittner Playwright, Screenwriter, and Producer
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“It’s not just about putting stories on the internet anymore. It’s about how people read them, where they read them.”
Ruth Spencer Senior Editor with New York Magazine’s, The Cut
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