Career: Arts Administration

Shani Hamilton Greenlaw

Project Supervisor, BaAM Productions

Shani Hamilton Greenlaw watched as the clouds rolled in and the rain began. It was a sweltering 42 degrees. She saw the lightning flashing on the horizon. The temporary bleachers, where more than twelve thousand people would soon be sitting, were…

Andrew Murphy

Director of Programming, Inside Out

Andrew Murphy still gets chills when he thinks about it. It was at the 2014 Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto. Andrew, as Director of Programming for the LGBT focused festival had brought in the film Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine. The capacity…

Pamela Halstead

Professional Theatre Producer, Director, Dramaturg, Actor and Educator

Pamela Halstead can tell you how tough it used to be in the world of Canadian theatre. “I have a playwright friend who jokes that there was a time when he couldn’t get his work produced because he didn’t have a coal miner or fisherman or fiddle in…

Heather Blom

Producer, Rethink

Heather Blom’s contemporary studies at King’s revealed a natural talent for bridging disciplines and communities.“Language and art, scientific language and artistic language - in the end, it boils down to communication and how different methods of…


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