Career: Design & Architecture

Thomas Hoy

UX Designer, Detour UX

Thomas Hoy hadn’t thought about a career in music—until he came to King’s. “The whole music thing really started there. I found my musical community at King’s in first year. Then I went on to compose music for plays staged by the King’s Theatrical…

Anjali Pala

Book Designer

Anjali Pala stood in the National Gallery in Ottawa and stared. And compared. And made notes. “We spent a lot of time with the paintings, examining them against our proofs,” she says. “We were surrounded by scribbled Post-its and Pantone chips.”…

Sophie Brauer

Architect at Gottlieb Paludan Architects, Copenhagen

Every once in a while Sophie Brauer would walk past the Dalhousie School of Architecture in Halifax and see the fascinating shapes and designs students were working on spread out on the lawn. She filed the images and her interest in them away and…

Johanna MacMinn

Landscape Architect

One looks like a box of jewels. Another is a sea of purple. A third textured, dappled in sunlight, rich in hues of greens and dark red. These are the words that describe the gardens that Johanna MacMinn, a Brisbane based landscape architect has…


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