Career: Environment & Sustainability

Jessica J. Lee

Author and Environmental Historian

“It’s strange to me that I circled back and became a writer,” Jessica smiles, “I got there in the end. It was just that I had to take a very different path.” That path has sent Jessica all over the world and created a career that Jessica didn’t…

Michael Sacco

Founder, Chocosol

Spoiler alert. Michael Sacco becomes a chocolate maker by the end of this short bio. In the mid-nineties, Michael Sacco enrolled at King’s and found what he loved in the Foundation Year Program (FYP). So he just kept going on the same track. “When…

Lorraine Vassalo

Owner and Operator, Avondale Sky Winery

The vineyard is one of the oldest in Nova Scotia, planted on the pastoral beauty of the Avon Peninsula. The retail space is the carpenter gothic of a church more than a century and half old, moved by truck and ferry forty-two kilometers. The winery…

Peter L’Esperance

Law Student, Dalhousie University

When you turn on your lights, drive to the store, or board a plane, Peter L’Esperance would like you to consider this: “Many of our activities have an environmental cost that we don’t necessarily pay for,” he says. He figures if we did pay for it…

Jennifer Josenhans

Assistant to the Director of the Ecologic Institute

When Jennifer Josenhans looks out the massive window in her office in Berlin she sees a large tree. And looking at it, as she researches issues related to climate change and drafts documents for the Ecologic Institute, the same thought often pops…

Ryan Hreljac

Founder and Executive Director, Ryan’s Well Foundation

One day in 1998 while he was sitting in his Grade One classroom in Kemptville, ON, Ryan Hreljac’s teacher, Mrs. Prest, told the students that some children were sick, and some were even dying because they didn’t have access to clean water. As Ryan…

Michelle Rosetta Hamer

Owner and Queen Bee at Bee23 Natural Beauty

Michelle Rosetta Hamer was at a crossroad. She had a family to support, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to work for someone else. She wondered: “What have I done with my potential?” An idea started to form. Michelle…


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