Career: Fine Arts & Crafts

Charlotte Bell

Photographer, Filmmaker

Charlotte Bell is not likely to ever take the road well travelled. And part of the credit for that, she says, goes to King’s. “Within the King’s community I learned, for the first time, that being outside the box is okay. There was no rush to be,…

Haritha Popuri

Master's in Theatre and Performance Studies, York University

It is a long way from a class on the history of alchemy at King’s to a stop at Yonge and Bloor on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway. A long way geographically, but not so far in Haritha Popuri’s fertile brain. “I was thinking about…

Andrew Choptiany


“Architecture is about building places for people to live in, and philosophy is actually a huge part of that,” Andrew Choptiany’s antics on campus earned him the RL Nixon Award for Best Contribution to Residence Life that year. While many credit…


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