Career: Law

Joanna Carroll

Chief Operating Officer at Think Research

Joanna Carroll has some advice for graduating King’s students. “Just go for it,” she says. “Take the risks. It’ll open up to things you’d never know.” It’s a philosophy that has taken Joanna from the King’s quad to law school, to a private practice…

Michael Da Silva

Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Law/Institute for Health and Social Policy, McGill University

Ask Michael Da Silva what he does, and he will say, “I’m a teacher and a writer.” Ask him about what and you get a snapshot of a man who has embraced academia. “I am a lawyer by training, but I have done graduate work in philosophy and I continue…

Matthew Sherrard

Partner, Gowling WLG

Matt Sherrard’s career path can be understood as “A Tale of Two Meals” (with apologies to Dickens). The first was a vegan meal of chapati and spicy curry. Not just spicy, “fiery,” Matt says. He was in Western India at that time, working on an…

Miranda Spence

Partner, Aird & Berlis LLP

Miranda Spence didn’t take any business classes when she was at King’s. Nor did she focus on business law classes at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. But here she is, a partner in the Toronto law firm Aird & Berlis LLP, with a broad…

John MacLean

Lawyer, Nunavut Department of Justice

John MacLean is doing work he never knew he wanted to do, in a place he never knew he wanted to be. He loves both. John is a lawyer with the Legal and Constitutional Law Division of the Nunavut Department of Justice in Iqaluit, just south of the…

Mark Fleming

Lawyer, WilmerHale

As he was waiting to be called, Mark Fleming remembered the advice his mentor had given him: “Make sure you take the time to look around. Remember where you are. And say to yourself: This is really cool! (You are) about to have an experience that…

Peter L’Esperance

Law Student, Dalhousie University

When you turn on your lights, drive to the store, or board a plane, Peter L’Esperance would like you to consider this: “Many of our activities have an environmental cost that we don’t necessarily pay for,” he says. He figures if we did pay for it…

Patric Senson

Lawyer, Phillips Gill LLP

Sit down with Patric Senson for even five minutes and you’ll hear at least one story, if not three. Or four. He’ll tell you stories about working with CBC Radio as a science journalist for a decade. He’ll tell you about how one day, sitting in a…

Catharina de Waal

Account Executive, Evolution PR; Co-Founder, Northgate Speed Skating Club

Catharina de Waal is driven by career and passion. She works at a boutique public relations firm in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she’s already earned a promotion. Prior to joining the firm, she worked on government contracts, helping establish…

Don Harrison

President of Global Partnerships and Corporate Development

While Aquinas and Aristotle are worlds away from Android operating systems, reflecting on his studies at King’s Don Harrison observes how “(they) set me down a road of critical engagement that’s always been helpful in everything I’ve done since.”…

Karim Mahmud

Lawyer, Jones Day

Ask your average Canadian liberal arts student where they’ll be in 25 years. They probably won’t tell you they’ll be in London, practising international law for the oil and gas industry. But the great thing about liberal arts students from King’s,…


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