Career: Science, Technology & Engineering

Michael Henschel

Director of Operations, C-CORE

Michael Henschel, BSc'91 sees mathematics as a language, a language he can use to explain the world around him. "Being a mathematician I basically write poetry," Michael, says. He says it with a grin and adds, "But I get paid a lot better than…

Katherine Connolly

Software Engineer at Neo Financial

Katherine Connolly admits that going from a liberal arts education at King’s to writing code for a brand-new digital bank is, well, an unusual path. “And it’s even weirder when you see what happens in between the two,” she laughs. Indeed, it is.…

Stefan Leslie

CEO at Research Nova Scotia

Stefan Leslie wasn’t going to wait for the big one to hit, shaking Canada’s west coast. It would be too late then. “It is likely that there will be a seismic event creating a tsunami; we just don’t know when,” he says. “It would impact shipping…

Tatiana Kunwongse

Writer, Editor at Wisdom Wide Ltd., Bangkok

“It’s a mouthful,” Tatiana (Tanya) Kunwongse says. “Get ready for it.” Tatiana is about to describe her job in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a job that has taught her the difference between a sea bass and a red snapper. “People have been using the same…

Stephanie Dick

Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Standing in an airport on her way home for the holidays, Stephanie Dick heard two men talking about their families. “They seemed like really good people. Really good dads,” she says. “And then one of them said, ‘It’s a shame, though. Jessica…

Jennifer Corcoran

Assistant Prof, Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology (Cross Appointee, Dept. of Surgery), Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Corcoran says that like many research scientists, she’s interested in how things work. For the past year and a half she’s run her own lab at Dalhousie University, where her team is currently studying virus-induced cancers like Kaposi’s…

Jaime Wertman

PhD student, Dalhousie University

Ask Jaime Wertman about the things she likes best these days and she might mention working with zebrafish. The transparent ones. The ones in the Berman Lab at Dalhousie University. The ones that are described as “robust models” for studying cancer…

Megan Buntain

Chief Marketing Officer, Buntain + Partners

Megan Buntain has been busy—since launching her startup buntain+partners in summer 2015, her team of three now represents 10 clients. “We’re learning a lot—quickly, ‘failing fast’, building trust with our clients, and are still a bit shocked that…

Samantha Robertson

Localization Writer/Editor, Nintendo of America Inc.

Samantha Robertson’s degree in English and Comparative Religion from King’s and subsequent Master in English from Dalhousie led first to an editorial position with Dark Horse Comics, and then to her current position as a localization writer/editor…

Don Harrison

President of Global Partnerships and Corporate Development

While Aquinas and Aristotle are worlds away from Android operating systems, reflecting on his studies at King’s Don Harrison observes how “(they) set me down a road of critical engagement that’s always been helpful in everything I’ve done since.”…

Pete Pachal

Executive Editor, Operations & Strategy at CoinDesk

When Pete Pachal started the one-year Bachelor of Journalism at King’s, he was immediately struck by the school’s sense of support and community. “Everybody who was there wanted to be there. When you have people who really want to work hard, great…

Trevor Adams

Instructor of Meteorology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Trevor Adams is happy to talk weather. “It’s sunny right now,” he says from his Florida home, “but we have a broad low moving north of us that’s been giving us rain for the last few days.” Trevor has been talking weather professionally, as a ‘TV…


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