Mitchell Cushman

Co-Artistic Director, Outside the March

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Theatre and English, 2008

...not the means to some all-ready mapped out future, but a wonderfully valuable end in itself.

In his valedictory address, Mitchell Cushman left fellow graduates with a closing thought:

“Most of us came to King’s because we weren’t ready to label ourselves as part of any specific profession … our entire experience has been a foundation: one which has strengthened us all in ways we may never fully appreciate. King’s has been, not the means to some all-ready mapped out future, but a wonderfully valuable end in itself.”

As a four-time Dora Award nominee in 2014, recipient of the 2013 Siminovitch Protégé Award, and winner of the 2012/2013 Toronto Theatre Critic’s Award for best director, Cushman’s graduation from King’ has been as much a wonderful beginning as a valuable end. Mitchell credits his post-graduation success to colleagues in “Outside the March”, a theatre group he co-founded. Outside the March includes other King’s graduates, such as artistic co-director Simon Bloom (BAH ’10), Ishai Buchbinder (BA H ’10), Jon Grosz (BAH ’09), Sebastien Heins (FYP ’08), and Bryn McLeod (BAH ’12). “The kind of people King’s spoils you by being around—such a collection of unique, interesting people interested in the world around them—those are the kinds of people I like to work with in general.”

Cushman’s accomplishments speak to the truth of his 2008 valedictions: “The courageous spirit that this University has instilled in all of us isn’t something that will evaporate the moment we leave the quad. King’s has made us all stronger people, comfortable with and confident in who we are — and I don’t think we could say good-bye to that if we tried.”

* With lines from Adrian Lee. Read an earlier article about Mitchell by Adrian Lee in the winter 2013 edition of Tidings.

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Posted: Apr. 2016

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