Monica Mutale

Chair, African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes

Bachelor of Journalism (Hons.), 2013

Create the life you want for yourself.

Monica Mutale began her Journalism studies at King’s uncertain about the industry and her future. Since graduating into the workforce, Monica has come to this realization: “the future is bright, and I have many opportunities because of the training that I have.”

After a post-graduation summer overseas, Mutale had a job interview the day her return plane touched down in Halifax. Monica got the job, and by September she was working with Dalhousie University’s External Relations. It’s easy to see why Mutale was hireable: “I am extremely confident about my skills,” she says. “Having completed my degree, I know now that if somebody needs a communications person, if somebody needs someone to write something, if somebody needs someone to edit something—proofread this; do this—I know I can be that person.”

Mutale is also feeling great about her ability to contribute in her community. Monica’s Zambian roots inspired her to join the board of directors for ADAM (the African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes) in a communications role, voted in by unanimous decision. In March 2015, she was elected board chair. ADAM provides services across the maritimes to new immigrants and existing residents of African descent, ranging from helping with settlement transitions to providing training and referrals.

Reflecting on the accomplishments of graduating peers was a galvanizing moment in Mutale’s preparation. Observing her classmates making the most of King’s resources and support transformed her approach to realizing goals and dreams. “I am more intentional now,” she says, “you have to go out there and create the life you want for yourself; create the career you want for yourself—that is something I realized watching my peers and fellow students.” Since graduation, Monica discovered the broad flexibility of her journalism education has put her well on her way, applying to much of what she’s been doing. “Rather than putting me out in the workforce with a single, specialized expertise, my education is allowing me to create the career and life I want.”

Posted: Apr. 2016

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