King's alumni have the courage, skills and intellectual agility that enables them to make a difference in their professions and their communities. These are their stories.

“If I have three languages, I will be unstoppable.”
Tatiana Kunwongse Writer, Editor at Wisdom Wide Ltd., Bangkok
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“I definitely was not one of those kids who had a science kit and blew up the garage.”
David Herbert Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba
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“The name of the game is experimentation.”
Sarah Fulford Editor-in-Chief of Toronto Life
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“I wanted to do things that were out of the ordinary.”
Charlotte Bell Photographer, Filmmaker
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“I see film as painting emotions with light.”
Daniel Boos Filmmaker
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“I like creating a well-oiled machine that just works.”
Shani Hamilton Greenlaw Project Supervisor, BaAM Productions
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