The essence of King’s is captured in our motto: Deo Legi Regi Gregi. These four Latin words describe King’s alumni, individuals: aware of their place in history, driven to search for deeper understanding, curious, enterprising and brought together in a spirit of service. In the enduring presence of gregi (community), here are their stories.

“You know you’re a King’s grad when you start reading about film theory rather than novels.”
Shannon Brownlee Associate Director (Cinema & Media Studies); Assistant Professor - Cinema and Media Studies; Gender and Women's Studies
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“Talking about bathrooms is talking about the human condition—who has access and who doesn’t.”
Lezlie Lowe Freelance Journalist and Journalism Instructor
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“I found myself in the middle of a small-scale civil war when an election went sideways.”
Marco Chown Oved Investigative Reporter for Toronto Star
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“The Pit is really just a Petri dish for experimentation.”
Griffin McInnes Director, Playwright, Producer
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“Journalism exists for the vulnerable people who don’t have a voice.”
Sofia Ortega Freelance Video Journalist with Associated Press, Mexico
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“I am trying to change perception through story telling.”
Angel Moore Atlantic Correspondent for Aboriginal People’s Television Network
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