Career: Communication

Heather Blom

Integrated Producer, Sid Lee

Heather Blom’s contemporary studies at King’s revealed a natural talent for bridging disciplines and communities. “Language and art, scientific language and artistic language - in the end, it boils down to communication and how different methods of communication are...

Chad Lucas

Media Relations Advisor, Government of Nova Scotia

For someone with dreams of being a reporter, Chad Lucas’ working life began exactly where a graduate would want to end up. Chad’s four-year journalism degree and combined English honours led him straight into a sportswriter job with the Chronicle Herald,...

Catharina de Waal

Account Executive, Evolution PR; Co-Founder, Northgate Speed Skating Club

Catharina de Waal is driven by career and passion. She works at a boutique public relations firm in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she's already earned a promotion. Prior to joining the firm, she worked on government contracts, helping establish the South Africa-Canada Chamber...

Stephanie McGrath

Director, Content Strategy at NATIONAL Public Relations

Stephanie McGrath says, “companies and organizations are starting to realize the only way they can reach people is with interesting stories.” And for a content strategist, that’s great news. Stephanie works for NATIONAL, the largest public relations consultancy in Canada....

Chris Putnam

Communications Officer, University of Saskatchewan

Chris Putnam has a job tailor made for the curious. He’s a communications officer at the University of Saskatchewan. One of his responsibilities is to profile researchers engaged in fascinating work. “Everyone’s got a story and a personality,”...

Amber MacArthur

Author, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Keynote Speaker, and TV/Radio Host

How do you go from a two-room schoolhouse in rural PEI to becoming a leading voice in new media and technology? According to Amber MacArthur, even just one year at the University of King’s College makes all the difference. Described by Canadian...

Megan Buntain

Chief Marketing Officer, Buntain + Partners

Megan Buntain has been busy—since launching her startup buntain+partners in summer 2015, her team of three now represents 10 clients. “We’re learning a lot—quickly, ‘failing fast’, building trust with our clients, and are still a bit...

Davis Carr

Communications Assistant, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

When Davis Carr wants to do something new, chances are it will get done. “That’s how it was at King’s,” she says. “You just go for it.” So one evening she was in a pub in...

Mark Dance

Communications Coordinator, Samara Canada

Contemporary studies (CSP) and philosophy graudate Mark Dance has been busy since he graduated from King’s as co-valedictorian. As a parliamentary intern in Ottawa, Mark’s research on digital democracy landed him an interview on CBC’s The House....

John Weeren

Founding Director of Princeton Writes

John Weeren finished Foundation Year Programme (FYP) in 1982, yet still spends his days on a campus that reminds people of Hogwarts. But it’s not King’s. It’s Princeton. The Halifax West High School alumnus attended King’s after...

Sam Mednick

Professional Life and Executive Coach, Blueprint Coaching; Journalist, Travel Media Group

“My motto is ‘just say yes’,” says Samuelle – Sam – Mednick. It helps to explain why her journey from the King’s quad to Barcelona, where she now lives and works, has taken her to Fiji, Vancouver, Argentina,...

Angela Chang

Communications Officer, Science East

In her final year at King’s, Angela Chang didn’t know whether she would qualify for her degree by the time semester ended.  She was the first student to attempt a combined degree with Saint Mary’s University, and...


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