Career: Digital Media

Samantha Robertson

Localization Writer/Editor, Nintendo of America Inc.

Samantha Robertson’s degree in English and Comparative Religion from King’s and subsequent Master in English from Dalhousie led first to an editorial position with Dark Horse Comics, and then to her current position as a localization writer/editor with...

Sarah Cook

Curator / Dundee Fellow at University of Dundee

Ticking away on a computer screen in the lobby of a building at the University of Dundee in Scotland, is the entire sequence of the human genome. The entire thing. The constant parade of the letters GCAT, that represent the building blocks of DNA,...

Adrian Lee

Opinions Editor, Arts and Science Editor at Maclean's Magazine

Adrian Lee knows there is much more of the Canadian story to be told. And as the opinions editor at Maclean’s magazine he can help tell it through the voices not always heard. He says he wants the opinions section, which he...

Ruth Spencer

Senior Editor with New York Magazine’s, The Cut

It was a Sunday night in June 2013. Ruth Spencer was in her tiny New York apartment with a few colleagues from The Guardian US where she was Community Editor. Edward Snowden, the man who had leaked thousands of documents from the American National Security...

Dorian Geiger

Producer, Al Jazeera Media Network

It was a tense time for Dorian Geiger.  He was living in Doha, Qatar, working for Al Jazeera English. He had written most of a feature article for the website about three families in Hong Kong who had hidden the American whistleblower Edward...

Sarah Fulford

Editor-in-Chief of Toronto Life

Sarah Fulford loved the notes her King’s professors gave her on the bi-weekly essays she had to write. She says, “I was quite bad at the beginning but I was much better by the end because I got such good feedback....

Harriet Alida Lye


Telling a good story about Harriet Alida Lye and her life during and after King’s is an easy task. The difficulty comes in deciding which story. It could be about the work she is currently doing at the McMichael Art Gallery.  ...

Laura Armstrong

Sports Reporter at the Toronto Star

Laura Armstrong knew it would be tough finding a job in journalism after graduating. “I gave myself five years to find a career in this industry,” she says, knowing that the writing and communications skills she developed at King’s would...


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