Career: Film & TV

Marc Almon

Film Producer

For moviegoers, Blackbird is an award-winning production about the juvenile detention system. For producer Marc Almon, the film is the biggest risk he’s ever taken. "There were periods of production when I thought I was going to go bankrupt. It was a...

Ariel Nasr


It is hard to imagine how tendonitis can lead to an Oscar nomination, but it did, in a round about way, for Ariel Nasr. This part of his story begins with Ariel cutting wood. “I suffered a repetitive strain injury using a chainsaw...

Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Writer, Host of Love Food and The Food Podcast

“For me,” says Lindsay Cameron Wilson “a recipe is never just a recipe. It’s a neighbourhood. It’s a family. It’s a story.” And she tells those stories on her cooking show Love Food ...

Andrew Murphy

Director of Programming, Inside Out

Andrew Murphy still gets chills when he thinks about it. It was at the 2014 Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto. Andrew, as Director of Programming for the LGBT focused festival had brought in the film Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine. The capacity...

Daniel Boos


There is a scene in the short film Bound, directed by Daniel Boos, that is intense and rife with suspense. An immigrant worker at a sawmill hands over a twenty dollar bill to a shopkeeper. Wrapped inside the bill is a note but we...

Charlotte Bell

Photographer, Filmmaker

Charlotte Bell is not likely to ever take the road well travelled. And part of the credit for that,  she says, goes to King’s. “Within the King’s community I learned, for the first time, that being outside the...


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