Career: Government & Policy

Joshua Bates

Senior Policy Analyst, Accessibility Directorate, Department of Justice at Government of Nova Scotia

Joshua Bates has learned the ropes at all three levels of government; first with Toronto city council after he completed his master’s degree, then in Ottawa where he worked with MPs and later an advocacy group for Canadian municipalities, and finally in...

Sarah Burns

Rhodes Scholar; Economist with Bank of Canada

Sarah Burns just doesn’t give up. As a lean and lanky twelve year old she failed the test to become a competitive figure skater eleven times before she finally nailed it. When she was looking for a job after graduating from...

Adam Scotti

Justin Trudeau’s Photographer

Adam Scotti can get as close to history in the making as his wide angle lens will let him. And the pictures he takes tell the story of a new Canadian Prime Minister. Adam is Justin Trudeau’s official photographer. His...

John MacLean

Lawyer, Nunavut Department of Justice

John MacLean is doing work he never knew he wanted to do, in a place he never knew he wanted to be. He loves both. John is a lawyer with the Legal and Constitutional Law Division of the Nunavut Department of Justice in Iqaluit,...

Anna Gainey

President of the Liberal Party of Canada and Co-Founder, Executive Director of the Gainey Foundation

Anna Gainey will tell you this: “I don’t think I ever woke up one day and thought - I want to be in politics.” But as President of the Liberal Party of Canada she is in the upper echelon of...

Lia Milito

Fellowship Program Manager, Code for Canada

"It was terrifying for a while,” says Lia Milito. Lia had just joined a small team to create the start-up non-profit Code for Canada. The idea was good; the potential for helping Canadians was great. But could they make it work? “There...


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