Career: Literary Arts

Kate Cayley


Kate Cayley is amazed it took her so long to realize she was a writer. After graduating from King’s, she and some fellow alumni started a theatre company called Stranger Theatre, where she spent a decade co-creating, directing and writing plays that...

David Huebert

Writer of Fiction & Poems

A writer’s mind is a curious place. There are a multitude of pathways and alleys. It can be a bit like where poet and short fiction author, David Huebert, wrote when he began work on his PhD at Western University in London,...

Shauntay Grant

Lecturer, Department of English, Dalhousie University

In a verse penned some time ago, Shauntay Grant writes, ”My mother says when I was young I'd follow her, room-to-room, asking the same question: 'Why'? I think that ever since I've been asking. I hope I never find the answers....

Wanda Taylor

Executive Director, Stepping Stone; Acquisitions Editor, Formac Publishing; Author

Wanda Taylor is probably one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet. If you ask her what she does she’ll say, “I am an author, an educator and a social justice activist. I’m also an artist and...

Stephen Marche

Esquire columnist and author

Stephen Marche had a great job. It was 2007 and he was professor of Renaissance drama at the City College of New York. “It was really rewarding,” he says. “I loved my job there.” Then he got the news: his wife,...

Miriam Toews


“I was a poor, young Mennonite woman from the Prairies with little children. I was of no account to the world. I was nothing.” That could so easily be the beginning of a novel. But it is not. It is Miriam Toews...

Harriet Alida Lye


Telling a good story about Harriet Alida Lye and her life during and after King’s is an easy task. The difficulty comes in deciding which story. It could be about the work she is currently doing at the McMichael Art Gallery.  ...

Anjali Pala

Book Designer

Anjali Pala stood in the National Gallery in Ottawa and stared. And compared. And made notes. “We spent a lot of time with the paintings, examining them against our proofs,” she says. “We were surrounded by scribbled Post-its and Pantone chips....

Johanna Skibsrud

Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arizona

When Johanna Skibsrud was just 18, she felt restless. Part of it was being a teen wanting to get on with life and to become a writer. But there was something else. She had finished the Foundation Year Program (FYP) at King’s and...

ChloƩ Hung

Writer. Director. Actor.

“I was walking across the King’s quad when I got the call,” Chloé Hung explains. “I had got the part of Juliet! I was jumping up and down!” To get a lead role in a King&rsquo...

Lezlie Lowe

Freelance Journalist and Journalism Instructor

Life has been a series of epiphanies for Lezlie Lowe. There was the one she had while studying in the Contemporary Studies Program (CSP). “I found that I could study philosophy, but I didn’t have to think about or write about...

Joan Baxter

Author and Journalist

Photo: Joan Baxter in November 2018 in southern Burkina Faso, with Roger Guibre (left), Thierry Bayala (centre), and Armand Bayala (right). Whether it’s reporting on a revolution in Burkina Faso, a failed coup d’état in Cameroon, or the prospect of...


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