Career: Science, Technology & Engineering

Amy Teitel

Blogger, Vintage Space

Amy Shira Teitel has been fascinated with space since she was seven years old – when she read everything she could about Neil Armstrong’s first journey to the moon and dreamt of becoming an astronaut herself.  With a History of Science...

Jaime Wertman

PhD student, Dalhousie University

Ask Jaime Wertman about the things she likes best these days and she might mention working with zebrafish. The transparent ones. The ones in the Berman Lab at Dalhousie University. The ones that are described as “robust models” for studying cancer...

Pete Pachal

Tech Editor,

When Pete Pachal started the one-year bachelor of journalism degree program at King’s, he was immediately struck by the school’s sense of support and community. “Everybody who was there wanted to be there. When you have people who really...

Jennifer Corcoran

Assistant Prof, Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology (Cross Appointee, Dept. of Surgery), Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Corcoran says that like many research scientists, she’s interested in how things work. For the past year and a half she’s run her own lab at Dalhousie University, where her team is currently studying virus-induced cancers like Kaposi...

Don Harrison

VP, Corporate Development, Google Inc.

While Aquinas and Aristotle are worlds away from Android operating systems, reflecting on his studies at King’s Don Harrison observes how “(they) set me down a road of critical engagement that’s always been helpful in everything I’ve...

Samantha Robertson

Localization Writer/Editor, Nintendo of America Inc.

Samantha Robertson’s degree in English and Comparative Religion from King’s and subsequent Master in English from Dalhousie led first to an editorial position with Dark Horse Comics, and then to her current position as a localization writer/editor with...

David Herbert

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba

Take a stroll through David Herbert’s lab in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg (wearing safety glasses, of course) and you’ll be walking through the playground of a synthetic chemist. You’ll spot an...


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