Career: Theatre & Dance

Susan Leblanc & Alex McLean

Artistic Directors of Zuppa Theatre

A long lasting collaboration, a relatively rare event in Canadian theatre, began one day when Alex McLean held auditions for a King’s Theatre Society (KTS) production he was to direct. Sue Leblanc had only just started acting but she gave it a...

Hannah Rittner

Playwright, Screenwriter, and Producer

“I’m not a ‘name’ yet,” says Hannah Rittner. Maybe. But don’t tell the Canadian theatre scene that. Hannah has worked for some of the leading Canadian theatre companies and festivals such as Summerworks, Canadian Stage, Neptune...

Natalie Meisner

Associate Professor at Mount Royal University

Natalie Meisner is both thoughtful and eloquent when she talks about her craft as playwright. “I do think of the play as a kind of exquisite blueprint. It is still a work of art but it isn’t really breathing, it isn...

Margaret Evans

Actor and Theatre Producer

Thanks to Margaret Evans, Maggie to her friends, there is a gang of American actors who know all about toques and poutine. Maggie and two fellow King’s grads, Graeme Gillis (BJH ’95) and Jeff Margolis (BA ’98) were working on their master'...

Pamela Halstead

Professional Theatre Producer, Director, Dramaturg, Actor and Educator

Pamela Halstead can tell you how tough it used to be in the world of Canadian theatre. “I have a playwright friend who jokes that there was a time when he couldn’t get his work produced because he didn’t...

Mitchell Cushman

Co-Artistic Director, Outside the March

In his valedictory address, Mitchell Cushman left fellow graduates with a closing thought: “Most of us came to King's because we weren't ready to label ourselves as part of any specific profession … our entire experience has been a foundation: one...

Evany Rosen

Comedy Writer and Performer

“King’s is the best place to go and be a weirdo" says Evany Rosen. As a standup comic, actor, writer and early member of the Halifax-based comedy group “Picnicface,” perhaps she may be more authoritative on the subject than...

Wanda Taylor

Executive Director, Stepping Stone; Acquisitions Editor, Formac Publishing; Author

Wanda Taylor is probably one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet. If you ask her what she does she’ll say, “I am an author, an educator and a social justice activist. I’m also an artist and...

Roberta Barker

Associate Professor, Dalhousie University

In her final year of high school, Roberta Barker saw the reading list for King’s Foundation Year Program (FYP) and knew she had found the right program. As a teenager, Barker had trained in classical music and opera. While the FYP...

Kate Cayley


Kate Cayley is amazed it took her so long to realize she was a writer. After graduating from King’s, she and some fellow alumni started a theatre company called Stranger Theatre, where she spent a decade co-creating, directing and writing plays that...

Haritha Popuri

Master's in Theatre and Performance Studies, York University

It is a long way from a class on the history of alchemy at King’s to a stop at Yonge and Bloor on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway. A long way geographically, but not so far in Haritha Popuri’s...

Gillian Clark, Karen Gross & Laura Vingoe-Cram

Artistic Co-Directors, Keep Good (Theatre) Company

“We just kind of hit it off, complementing each other’s personality,” says Laura Vingoe-Cram. She’s talking about her friendship with Karen Gross. Both were theatre buffs, taking advantage of what King’s had to offer. “Laura...


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