Adam Scotti

Justin Trudeau’s Photographer

Bachelor of Journalism, 2012

If there were just one defining photo I wouldn't need to show up to work each day.

Adam Scotti can get as close to history in the making as his wide angle lens will let him. And the pictures he takes tell the story of a new Canadian Prime Minister. Adam is Justin Trudeau’s official photographer.

His road to the ringside seat began simply enough.

“I started volunteering in his campaign office during the 2011 campaign and got along well with the boss as well as the team,” he says. Adam was finishing his degree at McGill at the time, going on shoots in between his final exams. The following fall he headed to Halifax to take the one year Bachelor of Journalism degree.

“Finishing at King’s in 2012, I moved back to Montreal to help work on (Justin Trudeau’s) leadership bid. King’s enabled me to find work as an editor and writer in Montreal so I could pay my bills while pursuing my passion for political photography.”

In 2014 Adam was brought on board the Trudeau team again, this time to follow the aspiring PM during the elongated election campaign. Adam was practising his passion on a daily basis. (Oddly enough, that passion is a familial trait. His father, Bill McCarthy was Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s official photographer.)

Adam’s photographs are sentences, paragraphs, maybe even chapters in an ongoing story. He told a reporter from the Huffington Post Canada, “I am there from sunrise to sunset, and sometimes beyond that, in order to fully document his life, those in his office and those we work with … all across Canada.”

And as he plans for a day of shooting or scopes out a venue where “the boss” will be he remembers one of the things he learned at King’s: “Always dig deeper” to tell as much of the story as possible through an image. But Adam doesn’t think he has taken the one picture that captures the whole story.

“If there were just one defining photo,’’ he says, “I wouldn’t need to show up to work each day.”

Adam believes though that he has captured the spirit of historic moments.

“Shooting photos as newly elected MPs were offered positions as ministers in the new government was a career highlight. It really brought together all the work the team and the boss had done in finding great candidates who are not only great people, but amazingly experienced in such a wide variety of fields. Jody Wilson-Raybould’s photo really captures everything we were feeling through the transition phase from campaign to swearing-in.”

Many of Adam’s photographs will end up with Library and Archives Canada to live on as the record of a Prime Minister in action. What won’t be there, however, will be the pictures he didn’t take because of selfie-mania.

“People are now able to walk away with an instant souvenir. There is less of a demand for me to shoot posed photos as everyone wants a selfie instead.”

Posted: Apr. 2016

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