The essence of King’s is captured in our motto: Deo Legi Regi Gregi. These four Latin words describe King’s alumni, individuals: aware of their place in history, driven to search for deeper understanding, curious, enterprising and brought together in a spirit of service. In the enduring presence of gregi (community), here are their stories.

“King’s provides a multi-input approach to learning that’s really valuable in careers like public…”
Jennifer Bell Team Lead at Small Globe, Inc.
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“The book is about the future. It’s about what we need to do.”
Perry King Author, Communications Officer, Journalist
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“I am interested in asking questions, to find ways to describe who and where we are.”
Michael Henschel Director of Operations, C-CORE
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“King’s was formative for me. While I didn’t know it would have such an impact at the time, much of…”
Nicholas Day Teacher
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“I believe in the idea that if it isn’t hard to write, if it isn’t upsetting, then it isn’t worth…”
Lesley Buxton Writer
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“By sharing a recipe and talking about why I’ve shared it – then someone else can make it and that…”
Lindsay Cameron Wilson Writer, Host of The Food Podcast
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Please let us know how your experience at King's helped shape your future. You can also nominate another alumnus to share their story.

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