Alex Tesar

Assistant Editor, The Walrus Magazine

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Contemporary Studies and History, 2012

A King's education is interdisciplinary; it defies a simple label.

Since leaving the University of King’s College, Alexander Desiré-Tesar has been fortunate enough to work with both Lapham’s Quarterly and The Walrus, exploring history and contemporary ideas through journalism. He’s also travelled widely, celebrating his past four birthdays in four different countries — the latest in the jungles of northeastern Cambodia, where he spent most of the day pulling leeches off his feet. Recently, Alex dove thirty metres below sea level, where the water pressure makes hard-boiled eggs become spherical.

While his well-rounded degree was instrumental to his job opportunity at Lapham’s, for Alex, assessing the value of a liberal arts degree solely through its employment outcome misses much that is hard to pin down. “The liberal arts are not vocational, though they are a sort of calling,” says Tesar. “A King’s education is interdisciplinary; it defies a simple label.”

Perhaps more easily grasped are the close relationships Alex formed while attending King’s. “The friends I made at King’s have always supported each other,” Tesar reflects, “and the community you’re a part of encourages your aspirations.” His deep connection to faculty members was as important as peer support in propelling him forward: “The close relationships you make with your professors are also valuable, personally and professionally. They’ll be your reference when you move on, and at King’s you have the privilege to have honestly known each other.”

While pursuit of work and interests has taken him in some diverting directions since his 2012 graduation, King’s faculty instilled in Tesar the importance of taking a second look. “King’s teaches you to look twice. In academia, in journalism, and in life, a second look will almost always yield a surprise.”

Posted: Apr. 2016

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