Amber MacArthur

Author, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Keynote Speaker, and TV/Radio Host

Bachelor of Arts, 1998; Bachelor of Journalism, 1999

positively the best year of my school life.

How do you go from a two-room schoolhouse in rural PEI to becoming a leading voice in new media and technology? According to Amber MacArthur, even just one year at the University of King’s College makes all the difference.

Described by Canadian Business as Canada’s “top social media expert”, Amber is an author, entrepreneur and regular business contributor to CNN, CBS, and Sirius Radio. A writer since childhood, she jumped at the chance to return to the east coast after high school in Ottawa, eager to continue the family tradition started by her grandfathers, who both worked in radio broadcasting in the Maritimes. Her year at King’s, earning a post-graduate degree in journalism, set her on the path to tech stardom, resulting in a mini-empire that has seen her publish the best-selling Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business, hosting a show on G4TechTV, and co-founding Konnekt, a social media digital marketing agency that counts Microsoft Xbox and Tony Robbins among its clients. And later this spring, Amber is publishing her second book about Internet privacy called Outsmarting Your Kids Online. It was also, according to Amber, “positively the best year of my school life.”

Amber emphasizes the tangible ways that King’s unique environment helped prepare her for the challenging and rapidly changing field of social media and tech journalism. “Thanks to the focus on online journalism at King’s, I was a bit ahead of the curve. Without the emphasis on all things digital during my time there, I’m not sure I would have been so lucky as to have such a great gig today.” More than that, though, she hits on one of King’s biggest strengths, one found in all of the programs the school offers. She emphasizes the importance of “small class sizes and practical instructors” insisting that, she “can’t imagine a better foundation for what I do today”. Less tangible, but just as important, King’s was a place that encouraged her social side, and gave it the opportunity to flourish. “I was never officially involved in any groups, but I like to say I was the unofficial social director in our class!”

At King’s, Amber found a place that encouraged her various interests (in emerging technology and in journalism), and helped her develop the tools and skills to merge the two into a career that she loves. The love of learning and writing that first emerged in Mrs. Boswell’s tiny classroom on PEI was able to flourish at King’s, preparing Amber for the fast-paced, rapidly changing world of technology she now relishes.

Posted: Apr. 2016

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