Angela Chang

Communications Officer, Science East

Bachelor of Journalism (Hons.), Journalism and Asian Studies, 2003

We learned sound skills and we were encouraged to experiment.

In her final year at King’s, Angela Chang didn’t know whether she would qualify for her degree by the time semester ended. She was the first student to attempt a combined degree with Saint Mary’s University, and the reciprocal agreement was not yet in place. Fortunately, the agreement was finalized in time and she graduated with a combined honours in journalism and Asian studies.

Chang says the Foundation Year Program (FYP) was a significant experience, and not just academically. “FYP is incredible,” she says. “You are part of an entire community on a fascinating quest, learning the same material. I’d be working on a FYP paper at 3.00 AM and look out to see everyone else’s lights on too. There’s solidarity knowing you’re all working towards the same goals.”

More than 13 years after graduating, King’s is still with her. She remains connected with university friends across the country and overseas. She has fond memories, not only of the teachings of Dr. Curran and Dr. Heller, but also of a bay party that recreated the landscape of Dante’s Divine Comedy. “We took Dr. Curran on a tour of the party and you could see him grinning, obviously pleased that we had been taking in what he had been teaching.”

The journalism side of the program was equally important. She learned skills in TV and radio that have stood the test of time, as well as an appreciation for the importance of quality. “We learned sound skills and we were encouraged to experiment. That helped develop our own style to demonstrate our personal talents.”

After graduation, a CBC Joan Donaldson Scholarship enabled Chang to spend four months in Regina doing broadcast news. She spent some time freelancing out West before returning to the Maritimes to join CBC Fredericton’s Information Morning team, becoming part of the independent voice for the news in New Brunswick.

She left the CBC two years ago to join Science East Science Centre as a communications officer. “My skills as a journalist have translated remarkably well. I know what information journalists want and the deadlines they work under. It’s common sense to me, but that sort of inside knowledge is rare.”

Posted: June 2016

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