Career: Music

Kristi Bryson

Opera and Choral Singer

Kristi Bryson thinks parents who are not professional singers probably sing more to their children than she does. But she will sing a Mozart aria or two to her young son and certainly some Christmas carols. But little Matthew knows his mother’s…

Leah Collins Lipsett

Freelance Journalist

Leah Collins Lipsett can plunk out a tune on a ukulele, but she is more at home at a piano. She began playing at the age of six and talks proudly of her final recital to earn her Bachelor of Music degree from King’s and Dalhousie. She nailed it,…

Al Tuck


As a “roving troubadour” Al Tuck is hard to pin down, but he’s content with that.“Since King’s, I’ve become the kind of performer I hoped and imagined I would be. I’ve had varying degrees of success, but I don’t care—I’ve been able to do what I…

Ben Caplan

Touring Singer-Songwriter

“When I was in FYP I thought I wanted to be a philosophy guy with a music hobby, and now I’m a music guy with a philosophy hobby,” folk singer Ben Caplan observes. Since the 2011 release of In the Time of Great Remembering, Ben’s time for pondering…


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