Career: Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Safia Haq

Co-owner, Tart & Soul Cafe

It was early in 2017 and Safia Haq was scrolling through Facebook. She saw an ad. It asked for a business proposal for a space that had been a café. Interesting, she thought, and sent it to a friend. Saf had been thinking about starting some sort…

Shani Hamilton Greenlaw

Senior Project Manager, BaAM Productions

Shani Hamilton Greenlaw has been managing large-scale events for almost eight years now, from NHL outdoor hockey games such as the Winter Classic to the 2020 NFL Super Bowl LIV Opening Night in Miami. It’s no exaggeration to say that Shani has…

Mark DeWolf

Sommelier, Creative Director, Food & Drink, The Saltwire Network

Sommelier Mark DeWolf considers himself a student of both the art and science of wine. “I find learning about the history and culture surrounding wine as compelling as the impact of climate, soil and technology, to be honest,” he explains. Mark…

Lorraine Vassalo

Owner and Operator, Avondale Sky Winery

The vineyard is one of the oldest in Nova Scotia, planted on the pastoral beauty of the Avon Peninsula. The retail space is the carpenter gothic of a church more than a century and half old, moved by truck and ferry forty-two kilometers. The winery…

Lauren Brown

Flight Instructor and Bush Pilot

Lauren Brown’s future is up in the air. Interested in the humanities as a high school student, Lauren applied to King’s last minute. Like many university students, she felt anxious at the prospect of having to decide on a major or career path at…


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