Davis Carr

Communications Assistant, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Contemporary Studies and English, 2012

King’s really showed me the way that I want to live my life.

When Davis Carr wants to do something new, chances are it will get done.

“That’s how it was at King’s,” she says. “You just go for it.”

So one evening she was in a pub in downtown Ottawa.

“A friend turned to me and said, ‘Hey you know how to edit audio, right? Let’s do a podcast!’”

The two of them put together a pitch, presented it to their bosses at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and the podcast alt.policy was born. Davis interviews CCPA researchers, edits the audio and presents the program.

“I’m using an abandoned, unrenovated office as a studio,” she says with a laugh.

The room doesn’t have any sound dampening so “we do a lot of recording under a blanket.”

Davis found it incredibly nerve wracking making that first program. She didn’t know how it would be received. But that lesson from King’s, about just going for it, that stays with her.

“I’m really just learning as I go along. Each episode is better than the last. I am getting addicted to it. I really love podcasting as a medium and a way of expressing ideas.”

The podcast is only part of what Davis does at CCPA. She handles all their social media channels and works on the website. It’s the kind of work she loves, the kind of work she has done with other groups, but not necessarily the kind of work that her degree would naturally lead to.

“When I graduated with my Contemporary Studies and my English degree I always joke that Twitter and graphic design and Photoshop were my biggest skills.”

And she picked those up by taking advantage of what was going on outside the classrooms.

“King’s has so many opportunities for extracurricular activities in which to get involved. And the more I got involved and the more work and experience I got the more I wanted and the more I figured out what I wanted to do afterwards.”

Davis learned graphic design making posters for the King’s Theatrical Society, layout as production manager of The Watch and editor of The Record, King’s yearbook. She was also layout editor of Hinge, the History of Science and Technology Journal.

But Davis did not ignore her studies. Not in the least. She wrote about Marshall McLuhan for her fourth-year thesis, deepening her understanding and passion for finding new and effective ways to communicate and to create virtual communities through social media. It is the two-way communication they provide that intrigues her.

“It is a really exciting way that people are able to communicate with one another and you’re able to have a stronger influence as a consumer of media than you have had in the past.”

Davis says, “King’s really showed me the way that I want to live my life. And the importance of a community and how to create that community.”

Posted: Apr. 2016


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