Don Harrison

President of Global Partnerships and Corporate Development

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Political Science, 1995

...a road of critical engagement that’s always been helpful in everything I’ve done...

While Aquinas and Aristotle are worlds away from Android operating systems, reflecting on his studies at King’s Don Harrison observes how “(they) set me down a road of critical engagement that’s always been helpful in everything I’ve done since.”

Don has already done plenty, notably in his present role as vice president of corporate development at Google Inc. which he assumed in February 2013. Responsible for overseeing the technology giant’s mergers, acquisitions and investments, Don has brokered Google’s purchase of several well-known companies, including You Tube, Motorola and Android.

It’s a long way from the Foundation Year Program (FYP) to a $50 billion a year multinational, but Harrison’s early education at King’s taught him to adapt quickly and inventively, and toward the best possible outcome. “You have to be flexible to survive the Foundation Year Program,” he says, looking back at King’s, “There’s a sort of naked intellectualism about the program, which I think did a really good job of setting my curiosity.”

* With lines from Evan McIntyre. Read an earlier article about Don by Evan McIntyre in the summer 2013 edition of Tidings.

Posted: Apr. 2016

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