Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Writer, Host of Love Food and The Food Podcast

Bachelor of Arts, History, 1995; Bachelor of Journalism, 1999

I would think of King’s as definitely a roast beef dinner.

“For me,” says Lindsay Cameron Wilson “a recipe is never just a recipe. It’s a neighbourhood. It’s a family. It’s a story.”

And she tells those stories on her cooking show Love Food (Clerisy Entertainment) on Eastlink TV, on her podcast - The Food Podcast, and in the seven cookbooks she has co-authored with Pippa Cuthbert.

Lindsay’s own story gets rolling on a trip to France in the mid-90s. She had attended King’s for the Foundation Year Program (FYP), got her BA in history and then decided on a master’s program in Museum Studies through the University of Toronto. That’s what took her to France. And in her year there Lindsay says she abandoned the museums and just “ate and wrote about food”.

She wrote about it in journals, just for herself.

“Everywhere I went I would stick travel stubs in my journal and looking back you could see where I was and I would describe what I had eaten and who I was with.”

The table was set and she had chosen three items from the menu– food, stories, and writing.

“I knew the whole time that I would apply to the King’s Journalism program because I wanted to become a better writer.”

She completed the one year program in 1999 and did, she says, become that better writer. She had also gone to cooking school to become a better chef. And all that combined into a growing career as a food author and broadcaster.

While her time in France was key, Lindsay believes it all began with that first year at King’s.

“Being a student at King’s, particularly of the Foundation Year Program, blew open my world…it was a real spring board for me. A true foundation of sorts. “

A spring board, but also an immensely satisfying experience, like a good meal.

“I would think of King’s as, definitely a roast beef dinner. With Yorkshire pudding.

And horseradish, the forgotten condiment.”

And she adds, a trifle for dessert because of the layers and the sherry. But then she stops and has another idea. “Or something flammable, Harry Potter like.”

As busy as she is with shooting a new season of Love Food (she prepares two recipes a day in the studio, four times each to get all the camera angles her editors need), preparing and recording her monthly podcast, teaching cooking to high school students and being a mom to her three sons, Lindsay has reconnected with King’s, a place she calls “a gem”. She now sits on the university’s Board of Directors.

“I feel like as a student it’s where I learned and became a better writer. As an adult I feel like it is part of my community.”

Photo credit: Emily King

Posted: Apr. 2016

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