Megan Buntain

Chief Marketing Officer, Buntain + Partners

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Contemporary Studies and International Development Studies, 1997

For me, the biggest professional highlight has been in having options. In your career, if you build a reputation for being really good at what you do, you simply have a lot more options.

Megan Buntain has been busy—since launching her startup buntain+partners in summer 2015, her team of three now represents 10 clients.

“We’re learning a lot—quickly, ‘failing fast’, building trust with our clients, and are still a bit shocked that our little dream seems to be working,” she says.

buntain+partners offers “marketing for geeks,” Megan explains. The agency helps tech companies build their brands, market their apps and services, and grow their businesses.

“I like being surrounded by really smart people who are both optimistic and pragmatic. The technology industry is full of them,” Megan says.

Her career path started two weeks after she graduated from King’s in April 1997. Microsoft was opening an office in Halifax, and Megan snagged a summer internship, which turned into 15 years with the company.

“Seven versions of Windows and five cities later,” Megan left in 2012 to start her own firm.

“For me, the biggest professional highlight has been in having options. In your career, if you build a reputation for being really good at what you do, you simply have a lot more options.” She adds, “it has taken years, but I’ve had and taken (many) options, and that’s how I know my career plan is working.”

Her next goal is to create a “work anytime, anywhere” company.

“So many women, in particular, drop out of the tech field when they have children,” she says. “I want to create a company where women and men (parents or not) can have both an incredible career and life.”

That drive was cultivated by Megan’s liberal arts education. She says the Foundation Year Program (FYP) at King’s trained her to think critically, be open to new ideas, and surround herself with mentors and peers who drove her to new levels.

“The discipline it takes to manage the sheer volume and difficulty of texts in FYP is a great exercise to put yourself through at least once in your life,” she adds. “Smart organizations and companies reward deeper, better thinkers and collaborators—King’s develops those in spades.”

Megan completed her degree at King’s in the Contemporary Studies Program. Her favourite seminar was, “prophetically, Dr. McOuat’s History of Science and Technology.”

King’s is a community with a culture deeply personal to its inhabitants, Megan notes.

“Your first career step after King’s can be tough because it’s not linear, but every step after that makes you appreciate what King’s has prepared you for,” she says.

For the past decade, Megan has called Williamsburg, Brooklyn home, a city full of people working in the liberal arts.

“Spend any time in places with rich creative and entrepreneurial communities, anywhere in the world, and you will know that the future for those in the liberal arts is bright.”

Megan’s own experience is proof. She references a letter her father wrote her just before she started her FYP year.

“He said, ‘You need three things in life to be happy: love what you do, love where you live, love who you’re with…and, two out of three ain’t bad.’ I think of this advice often—my personal accomplishment is being three for three.”

Posted: Apr. 2016

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