Michael Crouse

Senior Vice-President Kraft-Heinz

Bachelor of Arts, 1991

…understanding perspective and context and the world we live in is critical to be successful.

Journalism may have brought Michael Crouse to the University of King’s College, but it was his discovery of a passion for business during his undergrad that has left a lasting legacy.

After completing the Foundation Year Program, Crouse was bitten by the business bug. But rather than changing course to pursue a business degree, he instead opted to follow his passion for history. It was a choice that paid off—Crouse graduated on a Thursday, and by Monday was on a plane about to embark on a successful and thriving career in the food and beverage sales industry.

For Crouse, he’s never felt that his education or degree has limited him from pursuing a career in business. Instead, he’s found that a liberal arts degree has opened a lot of doors.

“The perspective you gain on the world, and on humanity, and how people think is so applicable to the business world. It’s not just about the numbers. In fact, whether it’s the food and beverage industry or any other industry, it’s a big people business and understanding perspective and context and the world we live in is critical to be successful.”

As Senior Vice-President at Kraft Heinz, Crouse knows first-hand that what you think you want to do when you go to university doesn’t necessarily end up being what you do after university. But the choice to go to King’s is one he stands by.

“I always felt the beauty of King’s was this unique small community within the larger context of a big university like Dalhousie.” This one foot in both worlds scenario allowed Crouse to get involved with campus life through being the co-captain and president of the rugby team, but also experience a broad range of courses. It also meant he was able to make friends that he still keeps in touch with to this day.

“I had to work hard on the academic side of the equation to do well,” says Crouse. “But that didn’t slow me down from having fun along the way. What I took away from that is if I put my mind to it and worked hard, good things can happen.”

Posted: Oct. 2016


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