Career: Finance & Business

Victor Bomers

Quantitative Research Analyst

Victor Bomers says he isn’t sure exactly how he ended up on King’s Alumni Association Executive but he thinks it goes something like this: “One of my good friends was on the executive of the Alumni Association. At one point they were looking…

Georgia Carley

Instructional Designer, TuesdayAfternoon Media Inc.

“It’s something I wish I had known existed when I was in university,” says Georgia Carley with a laugh. “I didn’t find out about it until after my PhD graduation!” But that didn’t stop Georgia from leaping into a career as an instructional…

Daniel Shearer

Executive Vice-President, General Manager at Cossette

You may not have heard of Daniel Shearer but when you get a hankering for a burger, feel the need to pick up a Google Home or are looking for a new bank, well, Daniel may have had something to do with that. Daniel is Executive Vice-President and…

Lisa Crystal

Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company, New York City

Lisa Crystal makes no bones about who her favourite physicist is. “Albert Einstein,” she says without hesitation, adding that she wrote her thesis in her final year in the Contemporary Studies Program (CSP) on Einstein. “I was always interested in…

Elizabeth Scarratt

Director, Institutional Programs Division, Research Services, University of Calgary

A twenty million dollar University of Calgary project was on the line. The ship carrying the equipment, an incoherent scatter radar, was in California. It had to get to Resolute, Nunavut before winter ice started to build in the Northwest Passage.…

Michael Crouse

Senior Vice-President Kraft-Heinz

Journalism may have brought Michael Crouse to the University of King’s College, but it was his discovery of a passion for business during his undergrad that has left a lasting legacy. After completing the Foundation Year Program, Crouse was bitten…

Paul Thomson

Investor Relations Specialist, Numus Financial Inc.

Paul Thomson made a mid-point career change and it was his liberal arts background that gave him the confidence to make the move. After graduation, Thomson “just kind of fell into” a career in the pharmaceutical industry. And even though he found…

Don Harrison

President of Global Partnerships and Corporate Development

While Aquinas and Aristotle are worlds away from Android operating systems, reflecting on his studies at King’s Don Harrison observes how “(they) set me down a road of critical engagement that’s always been helpful in everything I’ve done since.”…

Robyn Tingley

Founder & CEO, GlassSKY

To say that Robyn Tingley wears many hats is an understatement. As the CEO of her company GlassSKY, an honorary Lieutenant Colonel with the Canadian Army and founder of social enterprise CalChique, Robyn is extremely busy making social change. A…


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